Additional Services

We transport our machinery, Neuson and Bobcat (mini loader) mini excavators, in specific skips with opening drop doors.
Once on site, the skip which has been used for transportation can then be filled with building waste with the mini excavator or bobcat.
Having these two machines on site means they are on hand, as the building project advances, to handle and adapt to what’s required. Once the skip is full, we transport it directly to an authorised landfill site and can provide a waste tracking report (BSD) on customer request. We continue the emptying skip rotation until the end of the building project. Once completed, we level off the ground and notify the customer.
All our drivers are qualified and CACES certified. Our large training budget is an integral part of ensuring our staff are always up to speed to optimize our business and address new markets. In addition, we maintain our professionalism and brand image. Our machinery is only ever operated by our staff. For information, the skip has a volume of 8m3 and can take a load 10 tons.

Bound asbestos

Procedure for bound asbestos collection :

1 - We send our price quote and BSDA to the customer by email, (with details explaining how to fill in the BSDA)

2 - After receiving the completed documents along with customer confirmation, (signed quote, deposit cheque and BSDA) we submit the CAP (prior acceptance certificate) to the authorised waste processing plant, (VEOLIA CLAY SOUILLY)

3 - The service provider, (VEOLIA) sends back the confirmed CAP

4 - We provide the customer with disposable waterproof bags, specially authorised for holding asbestos (30 € ex VAT / bag)

5 - We book an appointment with the customer to remove the bags, preferably early morning between 6.00 and 8.00 a.m.

6 - We are registered for hazardous waste transportation; this certification can be seen on all our trucks

7 - Our drivers are instructed to cover the trucks with tarpaulin to avoid dust emissions during handling

8 - The bags of asbestos are deposited at the authorised processing plant

9 - A ticket is sent to the customer with the correct corresponding weight

10 - The completed BSDA by the service provider is sent 3 weeks after the sacks of asbestos have been collected